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Assistant Headteacher- Curriculum Development and Assessment for Learning

Purpose of role: 

Lead the development and review of all aspects of the curriculum including planning, recording and reporting, assessment for learning and the development of relevant, personalised, engaging curricula for all pupils. Liaise and support Middle leaders to implement whole school development plans

Strategic direction and development of the School – in co-operation with, and under the direction of the Deputy Headteacher/Headteacher:

  • Support and secure the commitment of others to the vision, ethos, direction and policies of the school which secure effective teaching, successful learning and achievement by pupils and prepare them for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life;

  • Contribute to the creation and implementation of strategic plans which identify priorities and targets for ensuring that pupils achieve high standards and make progress, increasing teachers’ effectiveness and securing school improvement;

  • Support all staff in achieving the priorities and targets the school sets and monitor the progress towards meeting them;

  • Support the evaluation of the effectiveness of related policies and developments and analyse their impact on pupil achievement;

  • Promote equality for all pupils, creating and promoting positive strategies;

  • Collect and use a rich set of data to understand the strengths and weakness of the school;

  • Combine the outcomes of regular self-review and external evaluations in order to enhance and further develop the school.

Curriculum Development Responsibilities:

  • Support the Deputy Headteacher in determining, organising and implementing the curriculum and its assessment; monitor and evaluate in order to identify and act on areas for improvement;

  • Ensure that all curricula are personalised, engaging and highly differentiated to meet individual needs and that teaching styles match these needs;

  • Have expert knowledge of national curriculum trends, issues and changes;

  • Support the Deputy Headteacher/Headteacher to strategically plan appropriate accreditation progression pathways at key stage 4;

  • Model exemplary classroom practice;

  • Support the monitoring and challenge of the quality of teaching and learning, providing feedback, identify and implement strategies for improvement where required.

Assessment for Learning Responsibilities:

  • Lead on the whole-school assessment strategy, ensuring it is rigorous, well-evidenced and is easy to communicate to pupils (where appropriate) and parents;

  • Ensure that all aspects of progress that we value are measured;

  • Work with Middle Leaders to complete regular monitoring of student progress against individual expectations of progress; 

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Report data analysis to the Headteacher and other stakeholders;

  • Compile reports and policies for Governor’s.

  • To review assessment data for the whole school, analyse data at pupil, cohort and whole school level to identify where differences need diminishing;

  • Use data, paying particular attention to disadvantaged / vulnerable groups such as those eligible for the pupil premium, categories of special educational needs, or who speak English as an additional language etc. to ensure additional support is available quickly when required; 

  • Raise aspirations at all levels to ensure that the vulnerable and disadvantaged have better life chances and are able to benefit from a better start in life; 

  • Coordinate interventions for those pupils who are not progressing as expected; 

  • Support staff in the use and dissemination of data to all stakeholders to inform planning and raise standards; 

  • Keep up to date with accepted best practice in the field of assessment, and advising others about this;

  • Providing training and support for teachers and support staff on administering the assessment system effectively;

  • Support statutory data returns to the LA / DfE;

  • Lead quality assurance of moderation across teaching and learning groups;

  • Represent Co opAcademy Brierley at  moderation group;

  • Network and moderate with other schools across the region;

  • Manage and develop the school’s reporting systems.

  • Report data analysis to the Headteacher and other stakeholders;

  • Compile reports and policies for Governor’s.

  • Also, roles will naturally evolve and job descriptions will be reviewed with jobholders and updated periodically to reflect this. 

    Note: whilst we’ve tried very hard to outline the main responsibilities and duties of the post, the above is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities. A document such as this does not permit every item of the day-to-day role to be specified in detail, particularly as this will vary depending on the specific needs of the pupil(s) you are working with.


Closing date for applications:  Tuesday 12th March at 9am.

How to apply 

Visit to download an application form. 

Completed applications should be emailed to  before the closing date and time.  Please ensure that you complete and submit Part A and Part B of the application form.